In A Market Of Liars I Am The Only One Who SCAM YOU By Telling The Truth!

Who is $CAMMO?

$CAMMO is the fictional character of a Meme created to make irony about SCAMs and SCAMMERS but which was also created to educate users about the many forms of scam that exist in the cryptocurrency industry and beyond.

Through the magical tool of Memes, as well as snatching smiles, we will help the Community to become aware of how scams work and how to protect yourself, because as Elon Musk says “who rules the Memes, rules the Universe”.

If you've lost Doge Coin, if you've lost Shiba INU and if you've lost Pepe too... don't get lost now even the King of Meme Coins, because after $CAMMO there will never be such a big party again, This time it's your turn to become a millionaire!


Why buy $CAMMO?

We believe that sincerity should always be rewarded. $CAMMO is sincere because it doesn't hide his intentions, with the utmost transparency he tells you that he wants to scam you. You already know, so you can neither complain nor suffer.

However there is good news for you, today you can decide to join his army, become too a Scammer and buy before the others and wait for the Hype to explode!

In fact, buying earlier, in the launch phase, is the Universal Secret to getting rich with Memes Coin, stop always buying at the highs because when the market goes crazy with FOMO it's already late for your Lambo.

If you want to get scammed, that's right, but at least get scammed well, so that you can bring home a lot of money while you uncork a bottle of Champagne cheers $CAMMO.


They spoke BADLY of $CAMMO

Everyone only tells good things about himself but $CAMMO loves it when people speak ill of him, he feels a perverse pleasure....


What is different about $CAMMO from other scams?

Usually the founders of the scams never put their face in their projects or entrust the task to minor actors. This anonymity however prevents the scam from being truly engaging and to be able to expand like wildfire.

$CAMMO instead has selected the greatest from every part of the planet and from every historical period scammers, in this way being scammed by them will be a great privilege for you! You will not have other opportunities to get scammed by people of this stature, this is our promise.

Also other scammers steal money just for self interest while $CAMMO does it truly to educate you and transform you into a smarter version of yourself, his is without doubt a Humanitarian Mission!


Our Amazing Team



Charles Ponzi

Chief Executive Officer


Bernard Madoff

Chief Risk Officer


Wanna Marchi

Chief Marketing Officer


Sam Bankman-Fried

Chief Financial Officer


Victor Lusting

Chief Sales Officer


Elizabeth Holmes

Chief Technology Officer


$CAMMO will be listed on PancakeSwap at the end of Launchpad

Don't buy into FOMO! Buy NOW before everyone else and fuck the Market!!!

Pre-sale will start in



In A Market Of Liars I Am The Only One Who SCAM YOU By Telling The Truth!

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$CAMMO, The World's First SCAM Coin Created To Scam Users With Their Agreement. By buying $CAMMO Coin users accept these Terms & Conditions