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Terms and conditions

Last revised: 19 May 2023

I solemnly declare that I am participating in this mad adventure called $CAMMO, fully aware that it is the greatest scam ever created. I am willing to risk my financial wisdom (or perhaps its absence) for the sheer thrill of gambling.

I acknowledge that $CAMMO could make my savings vanish faster than a magician making a rabbit disappear from a hat. I will not blame $CAMMO if I find myself borrowing money from relatives and friends to buy this senseless cryptocurrency. It will be solely my fault and a testament to my passion for scams.

I declare that I consider $CAMMO to be an honest, sincere, and extravagant person, although the term 'honesty' might undergo a dramatic redefinition in the context of this fraudulent adventure.

I am aware that investing in $CAMMO could make me a master of financial illusion as I convince other weak minds to buy $CAMMO Coin. Hence, I promise to use this skill solely for personal gain.

I accept that purchasing $CAMMO could lead me to a life of a fraudster. Yes, I have decided to become a scammer and join forces with $CAMMO to create an army of other scammers to scam others.

I understand that all of this is just a cosmic-scale farce. I will not take any warnings or advice regarding $CAMMO seriously because who would take seriously a cryptocurrency with such a name?



In A Market Of Liars I Am The Only One Who SCAM YOU By Telling The Truth!

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$CAMMO, The World's First SCAM Coin Created To Scam Users With Their Agreement. By buying $CAMMO Coin users accept these Terms & Conditions